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About Us

Chamlove first began in September of 2017, with a wonderful party held in the night club of Les Caves in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France.

From the beginning, the concept was to create an opportunity to unite the skills and ideas of many like-minded, talented friends and mould it in to an event to appeal to all . Starting from early in the evening and combining many different elements; The skills of five DJ friends playing a selection of their tunes ranging from Soul, Funk, House and Techno, a specific fancy-dress-code theme and accompanied by some specially created party food and drinks, the night was an incredible success. With around 300 attendees who, from that moment, helped to create a very special and vibrant energy that has now become so interconnected and synonymous with Chamlove.

Fast forward a little, and Chamlove has now organized a total of eight very successful parties that have seen the concept grow and evolve significantly, but despite this progression, the core values and intentions have always remained the same. The most recent “Futuristic Space Age” party, held in November 2019 in the very heart of Chamonix at the incredible venue of La Folie Douce Hotels, was our biggest event to date. Within this majestic and most beautiful venue, we were so fortunate and thrilled to be allocated three large rooms that allowed us to host performances from: A total of 11 DJs, a live band of 6 musicians and a number of aerial and performance shows. In addition, meals and other activities were also specially organized for the event which ran from 17.00 until 2am the following morning with an incredible attendance of around 1500 people.

Over time, Chamlove has grown organically from a small event organizer into a successful community charity association with the purpose and intention of organizing other similar parties and hopefully some bigger events like festivals and carnivals in the very near future while gifting back to the local community and charitable causes that align closely with our values.

Today Chamlove is about raising collective energy, uniting like-minded people, promoting local talent and contributing to specific community projects and requirements.